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Raising Agents

Also Known As : Leavening agent


Usage Tips

  1. Raising Agents can be used in a variety of doughs and batters like cakes, breads, scones, puddings, and biscuits, to give them a good rise and a soft, light texture.


Raising Agents are a number of substances, in the form of powders that are added to baking mixtures to react chemically to release carbon dioxide. These carbon dioxide bubbles add air to the mixture. On baking the mixture, the air bubbles get locked into the protein structure of the sponge creating the fluffy, light and soft texture of the baked goods. The common raising agents include baking powder( made from a combination of alkaline and acid substances, usually cream of tartar and bicarbonate of soda), bicarbonate of soda(baking soda), cream of tartar(white powder extracted from the tartaric acid), salt of hartshorn( made with ammonium carbonate) and yeast(single-cell fungus). They are widely used in a wide range of bakery products such as cake or bread making, to improve their texture and volume.

Selection Guide

Each raising agent is slightly different and has a specific role in the baking process. Read the labels carefully and go for the one that suits your requirements. Check for their expiry date before purchasing them.

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