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Raw Bananas

Also Known As : Kaccha kela, Green banana, Plantain
Technical Name : Musa


Taste Profile

It has starchy, tart and semi bitter taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Raw Bananas can be mashed or boiled for making cutlets.
  2. Sliced raw banana can be fried for making banana chips.
  3. These can also be used for making curries.


Raw bananas are elongated, small to medium size bananas with thick fibrous green skin. These are available all year round.

Health benefits

  • Raw bananas have low glycemic index which is very good for diabetic patients.(1)
  • Rich in fiber,it  helps in regulating the bowel movements and weight loss.(1)
  • It contains potassium which helps in blood pressure management.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose raw bananas without any blemishes on its skin.

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