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Red Jalapeno

Technical Name : Capsicum annuum


Taste Profile

It has hot, spicy and chilli flavour.

Usage Tips

  1. Red Jalapenos can be added to salsa, pasta, stews, dips, corn breads,casseroles and soups.
  2. They are mainely considered for mexican cuisines.


Red jalapeno is fully-mature jalapeno pepper that belongs to Solanaceae or Nightshade family. It is conical in shape with a broad end and is bright red in color.

Health benefits

  • Red Jalapenos helps to boost the immune system and prevents against illness.(1)
  • It contains Vitamin C that helps to remove free radicals from the body and prevents cancer.(1)
  • It helps to provide relief from migraine.(1)
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that fight against arthritis and psoriasis.(1)
  • It contains folic acid that is beneficial for pregnant women.(1)
  • It helps to improve nervous system and protects against neurodegenerative diseases. (1)

Selection Guide

Choose jalapenos with no bruised spots or moles, no shriveled stems as it indicates that they are freshly-picked jalapenos.


Capsaicin in jalapenos can cause kidney damage. Also, excessive consumption increases the risk of asthma attack. (2)

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