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Red wine


Taste Profile

It has sweet, sour and bitter taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Red wine can be used as a flavouring agent in vegetable and meat dishes and salads.


Red wine is prepared by crushing and fermenting dark-coloured grapes. There are many varieties of red wine such as shiraz, merlot, pinot noir etc. They all vary in taste and colour.

Health benefits

  • Red wine has powerful compounds which can help in reducing inflammation, lower risk of heart diseases and cancer.(1)
  • Drinking small amounts of red wine frequently may lower the risk of strokes.(1)
  • It also helps to reduce depression.(1)
  • Red wine consumption can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes in women.(1)

Selection Guide

Check the "best before" date while purchasing.


Too much consumption of red wine can lead to liver damage, weight gain and risk of diseases.(2)

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