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Refined Oil

Also Known As : Vegetable oil


Taste Profile

Refined oils are generally considered flavourless and odourless.

Usage Tips

  1. Store it in a clean dry jar with a proper lid.
  2. Refined oils are generally used for pan-frying, sauteing, deep-frying. It is also used for making cakes and brushing over breads.

Common names and forms

  1. Common Edible Oil
  2. Refined Edible Oil
  3. Refined Edible Vegetable Oil
  4. Veg Edible Oil


Irrespective of what you cook and in what style you cook, refined oil is one that has its omnipresence in the cooking vicinity. There happens to be different varieties of oil as they are extracted from various types of seeds, nuts, legumes, plant fruits, and grains. Hence, sunflower seeds, walnuts, soybeans, olives, and grains like rice are some examples that are used to produce vegetable oils. The different ways of extracting oil are “cold-pressing”, ie the oil is extracted without any heat and is used to produce oils like avocado oil, virgin olive oil. Another is “ hot-pressing”, which happens to be very similar to the former one, the only difference is that the oil is extracted with heat and pressure. And these processing techniques result in a less-processed oil that is higher in antioxidants. In the very process of extracting refined oils, a solvent is used which is then followed by a refining, deodorizing process and bleaching. Under this process, the flavour, odour and colour of the original oil is reduced, and thereby, some of the antioxidants are also reduced. Hence, these oils are usually cheaper and happens to be more stable at higher temperatures. There are usually three types of fats, saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated. Hence, saturated fats are solid at room temperature and are quite stable, thereby, they can undergo high temperature, as they have the ability to resist oxidation. While the monounsaturated fats happen to be liquid at room temperature and are generally more stable than polyunsaturated ones. They are present in canola, nuts, and olive. Last, the polyunsaturated fats are in the liquid state at room temperature and happens to be the least stable for cooking and they oxidize easily. They are found in sunflower and safflower. 

Selection Guide

Always go for the stable ones,  as they can resist high temperature. Always go for the one that has a high smoking point, and this smoking point happens to be the temperature at which the oil stops simmering, and starts smoking.


A chemical called Nickel happens to play a major role in the processing of natural oil, hence its presence might lead to many carcinogenic and negative effects on the respiratory system, skin of the human body, liver. Sodium hydroxide is a harmful chemical that is added during the refining process, thereby its presence affects the digestive system of the body. Moreover, preservatives, which are added during the refining process are also unhealthy for the digestive system and cause happen be a major source ulcer, gastroenteritis.(1)

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