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Rock Sugar

Also Known As : Rock candy, Mishri, Kalkandam, Khadi Sakhar


Taste Profile

It tastes milder than usual sugar.

Usage Tips

  1. Rock sugar is used in beverages, liquors and soups.

Common names and forms

  1. Khadi Sakar
  2. Mishri
  3. Sugar Crystals (Kalkandam)


Rock sugar is a white sugar that has been crystallized into chunks.It is used in India as a type of candy, or used to sweeten milk or tea. It has a transparent color. It is added to some braised meat dishes to give them a mellow flavor.In India rock sugar is offered with fennel seeds to freshen the mouth after meals.

Health benefits

  • Rock sugar contains medicinal properties that give relieve from cough.(1)
  • It boosts haemoglobin levels.(1)
  • It helps in digestion.(1)
  • It helps in stopping nose bledding.(1)

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