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Rose Petals

Technical Name : Rosaceae rosa


Usage Tips

  1. Rose petals can be crystallized or can be coated with sugar to look great on desserts and cakes.
  2. It can also be used in desserts like ice creams.
  3. They can be used to flavor rice dishes, puddings, cake also beverages.

Common names and forms

  1. Chopped rose petals
  2. Fresh rose petals
  3. Organic rose Petals (Flower)
  4. Preserved Rose Petals
  5. Rose
  6. Sweetened Rose Petal Paste


Rose petals are available in an assorment of different shades including orange, pink, white, yellow and red. The delicate petals are rounded towards the end and come to a point. They range in size and become gradually smaller towards the center of the bloom.They can be ground to form a paste. Sweet rose petal paste can be prepared by adding sugar to rose petal and grinding it in a grinder to form a smooth paste.

Health benefits

  • Rose petals helps with heart problems such as palpitations and high blood pressure.(1)
  • Rose petals soothe an ailing stomach by reducing nausea, lessening hyperacidity and stomach ulcers.(1)
  • It also boosts immune system to fight respiratory infections.(1)

Selection Guide

Rose petals should be fresh and aromatic. Make sure they are not sprayed with chemicals.

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