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Also Known As : Swede, Yellow turnip
Technical Name : Brassica napus


Taste Profile

It has slightly bitter taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Rutabaga can be added to soups.
  2. Like potato fries, fries for rutabaga can be also made.
  3. These are boiled and mashed for eating with vegetables and meats.

Common names and forms

  1. Swede


Rutabaga is a large, round and yellow-fleshed root vegetable. It is hybrid of cabbage and turnip. Its roots as well as leaves are edible.

Health benefits

  • Glucosinolates present in it helps in reducing the growth of cancerous tumors in body.(1)
  • Vitamin C and Carotenoids present in it helps in preventing the mutation of healthy cells into cancer cells and helps in boosting immune system.(1)
  • It helps in regeneration of healthy cells throughout the body, which prevents ageing and improve the eyesight.(1)
  • Rich in fiber helps in relieving from constipation, gastrointestinal distress and losing weight.(1)
  • It contains minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium which helps in maintaining the bone health and prevents osteoporosis.(1)
  • It helps in preventing type 2 diabetes as it has less carbs.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose rutabaga which are heavy in size and free form any cracks, spots and sprouts.


It contains high content of raffinose which may cause abdominal pain and bloating.(2)

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