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Also Known As : Namak, Sodium Chloride


Taste Profile

It is salty in taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Salt is the main ingredient in the dishes.
  2. It is also used as a colour controller, binder, texturiser, and fermentation controlling agent and for seasoning and preservation of food as well.

Common names and forms

  1. Common Salt
  2. Edible Common Salt
  3. Edible Salt
  4. Namak
  5. Non-Iodised Salt
  6. Safed namak
  7. Salt White
  8. Table Salt
  9. Vacuum® Evaporated Edible Common Salt
  10. White Salt


Salt is a chemical compound used in cooking and food processing, mainly known for its roles as a flavoring agent and as a food preservative. It is also an essential nutrient for the functioning of the body. In cooking, it provides flavor and texture to food, and it enhances their colour.

Health benefits

  • It is effective for oral rehydration and helps in balancing the smooth functioning of the organs.(1)
  • Adequate amounts of salt taken in the diet improve cardiovascular health and prevents diabetes.(1)
  • A proper intake of salt ensures a healthy pregnancy. It also cures cystic fibrosis.(1) 
  • Gums ulcers can be soothed by saltwater rinse.(1)
  • It can also help in treating sore throat and relieving muscle cramps.(1)

Selection Guide

Salt should be packed properly and should be free from moisture. Check the expiry date before purchasing salt.


Excessive consumption of salt can cause hypertension, heart failure, stroke, and kidney diseases.(2)

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