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Sambhar powder


Taste Profile

It has a mix of salty and tangy flavors.

Common names and forms

  1. Sambar Masala
  2. Sambar Mix
  3. Sambar Powder


Sambar powder is the quintessential spice mix you will find in most South Indian homes. This aromatic spice blend transforms ordinary lentil-vegetable dishes into delicious, wholesome stews called sambar that is often served along with rice, idli or dosa.Sambar powder is made by frying spices such as byadgi chillies (a mild variety of dried red chilies found in Karnataka known for its color), methi (fenugreek seeds), channa dal (split yellow chickpea lentils), urad dal (skinned and split black lentils), dhania (coriander seeds), rai (mustard seeds), jeera (cumin seeds),whole black peppercorns along with curry leaves and then grinding them to a fine powder.

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