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Smoked Flavour


Usage Tips

  1. Smoked flavour can be used to flavor any vegetable or meat.
  2. It can also be added to sauces such as a barbeque or dry seasonings.
  3. It can be used to flavour fish dishes, cheese, seafood, pork, poultry, ham, mackerel, and beef.

Common names and forms

  1. Natural Smoke Flavour
  2. Smoke Flavouring


Smoked flavour is a water-soluble yellow to red liquid, generally made by condensing the smoke from wood. Hardwoods(in chips or sawdust form) such as hickory or mesquite are burned at high temperatures. The particles from smoke are collected in condensers and liquid is concentrated down to produce smoke flavor. There are available in different varieties, depending upon the wood used like mesquite, hickory, hazel, heather, juniper, chestnut, apple, cedar, alder, beech, walnut and bourbon soaked oak. Retaining the same flavour, it can be used as a substitute for cooking with wood smoke. It can be used to add a subtle hint of woodsy smoke in meat-based or vegetarian dishes.

Selection Guide

There are different smoked Flavour depending upon the wood. Choose according to the requirement. It is available in liquid, packaged form. Look for its "best before" date on the packaging.

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