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Also Known As : Palak
Technical Name : Spinacia oleracea


Taste Profile

It has bitter taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Spinach can be used in soups,stir fries, for pasta, pesto.

Common names and forms

  1. Blanched spinach puree
  2. Green Palak
  3. Organic Spinach
  4. Palak
  5. Palak leaves
  6. Palak Paste
  7. Palak Puree
  8. Shredded Spinach
  9. Spinach Leaves
  10. Spinach Puree
  11. Wash and chop spinach leaves


Spinach is a a green leafy vegetable of edible flowering plant that belongs to Amaranthaceae family. It has dark green leaves which can be eaten raw. It is available fresh, frozen and canned. It is native to central and western Asia.

Health benefits

  • Spinach is low in calories and fat. It helps in weight reduction.(1)
  • It contains anti-cancer properties which helps to fight cancer.(1)
  • Spinach is healthy for eyes as it protects from cataracts and macular degeneration.(1)
  • It is rich in vitamin K that helps in maintaining healthy bones.(1)
  • Spinach is beneficial in lowering stress and anxiety.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose fresh and crispy green bunches without any insect damage.


Spinach can be risky for diabetics as it might lower blood sugar levels. It may form hard crystals in the kidneys and cause kidney stones.(2)

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