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Taste Profile

It has creamy and salty flavor.

Usage Tips

  1. Spread cheese makes up for excellent last minute dips when flavoured with either chilli flakes, oregano, chopped vegetables etc.
  2. It works as perfect spread for making sandwiches and burgers.

Common names and forms

  1. Cheese Chilly Spread
  2. Cheese Spread


Spread cheese are the cheeses that have a creamy smooth texture allowing the cheese to be easily shaped or spread onto other foods, such as crackers, fruits and vegetables. Spread cheese may be mild to mellow in flavor and be made with pasteurized or unpasteurized milk. Pasteurized process cheese spread is prepared by heating the ingredients and then pouring the mixture into various molds and containers to cool and become solid. After cooling occurs, the product is then packaged.

Selection Guide

Make sure to check the label carefully and read the list of ingredients before buying the cheese to stay away from accidental allergies.

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