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Stabilizer 461

Also Known As : Methyl cellulose, Methyl ether of cellulose, Cellulose methyl ether


Taste Profile

It is tasteless.

Usage Tips

  1. Stabilizer 461 can be used in baked goods, fried foods, candies, sauces, ice creams and dressings.

Common names and forms

  1. Methylcellulose
  2. Stabilizer (E461)


Stabilizer 461 is a chemical compound derived from cellulose(the main polysaccharide and constituent of wood and all plant structures). It is made from natural cellulose with white to milk-white colour and used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, thickening agent, filler, dietary fibre and anti-clumping agent .


Stabilizer 461 can cause skin rash, itching, asthma, intestinal blockage and swallowing difficulty.(1)

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