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Also Known As : Amylum


Usage Tips

  1. Starch serves as a meat tenderizer when added to a marinades.
  2. It can also be used to thicken sauces and gravies.

Common names and forms

  1. Edible common starch
  2. Edible Starch
  3. Edible Starch
  4. Edible Starches
  5. Starch Powder


Starch is a substance which is found in foods like rice, bread, wheat, maize and potatoes. It is a white and tasteless carbohydrate. Starch is even converted into starch sweeteners which are used in the food, beverage and confectionery and sometime in fermentation industries.

Health benefits

  • Starch helps prevent the development of abnormal cells in the gut.(1)
  • It also aids blood glucose control.(1)
  • Consumption of starch foods is beneficial for people with type-2 diabetes.(1)
  • Regular intake of starchy foods along with fruits and vegetables can improve health.(1)


Regular eating of starch food can cause changes in blood sugar levels, making them rise quickly and then drop again.(2)

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