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Stevia Leaf Extract

Also Known As : Stevia rebaudiana


Taste Profile

It has a sweet and bitter aftertaste.

Usage Tips

  1. Stevia leaf extract can be used as a sugar substitute in beverages.
  2. It can be used in ice creams, yogurts, desserts, bread, candy, sauces and pickled foods.

Common names and forms

  1. Stevia Extracts


Stevia leaf extract comes from the stevia plant which is originated in South America. The primary component called steviol glycosides is extracted from stevia leaves which is used in stevia sweeteners to provide a sweet taste without calories in many food items. The stevia plant belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Health benefits

  • Stevia leaf extract does not contain calories which is beneficial for diabetics to use it in their diet.(1)
  • It is also best to use for weight loss process as it does not contain sugar.(1)
  • It contains many sterols and antioxidant compounds including kaempferol which can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer.(1)
  • Stevia leaf extract can help to lower blood pressure levels.(1)
  • It can be helpful to decrease the calories intake from unwanted sweeteners in the diet of children.(1)

Selection Guide

Read the labels carefully before buying stevia leaf extract as some manufacturers combine it with other ingredients to even out the sweetness.


Stevia leaf extract contains added sugar alcohols which may cause unpleasant symptoms like nausea, bloating, cramping, vomiting, and indigestion. Long-term consumption of stevia may cause hypoglycemia.(2)

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