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Stone Flower

Also Known As : Dagad phool, Kalpasi
Technical Name : Didymocarpus pedicellatus


Taste Profile

It has a strong earthy aroma.

Usage Tips

  1. Stone flower is used as a spice in dishes to enhance their flavour and aroma.
  2. It is often added to kebabs and curries.
  3. It is used as an ingredient in masala powders.

Common names and forms

  1. Black Stone Flower
  2. Patthar ke phool
  3. Shaiba Leaves


Stone Flower belongs to species of lichen, used as a spice. It is curly like a dried flower and very light in weight. It can be black, grey, white and pale green in color.

Health benefits

  • Stone flower is used as an antiseptic.(1)
  • It acts as a painkiller.(1)
  • It has antiviral properties.(1)
  • It plays vital role in treatment of renal disease specially kidney stone.(2)

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