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Also Known As : Soorajmukhi, surajmukhi ka phool
Technical Name : Helianthus annuus


Usage Tips

  1. Sunflower oil can be used for high cooking temperatures.
  2. Sunflower seeds can be eaten raw or roasted or can be used in vegetable dishes, salads, cereals, soups, snacks and desserts
  3. Petals of sunflower can be used to prepare pesto as well.

Common names and forms

  1. Helianthus
  2. Sunflower Blossoms


Sunflower is a genus of the herbaceous plants of the aster family, Asteraceae native primarily to North and South America. The plant has erect rough to hairy stem and bears rough, broad, alternate and coarsely toothed leaves. It has ray flowers with bright yellow petals that have seed-studded center, grayish-green in color. The flower heads along with ligules look like the sun. The seeds are encased in teardrop-shaped gray or black shells and have high oil content. These seeds have a mild nutty taste and can be eaten for their health benefits. The oil extracted from seeds can be used as cooking oil.

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