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Tepary Beans (Moth Dal)

Also Known As : Matki, Moath, Turkish Dal, Mat gram, Mot Beans
Technical Name : Phaseolus acutifolius


Taste Profile

It has a nutty flavour with a strong earthy smell.

Usage Tips

  1. Tepary beans can be store in an airtight container to expand its shelf life that often leads to a period of one year.
  2. It could be prepared in any style as per the region. One can prepare it in Punjabi or Sindhi style, whichever suits the palate best.

Common names and forms

  1. Husked Dew Gram
  2. Moth
  3. Moth Bean
  4. Moth Whole
  5. Soaked mat bean
  6. Tapary Beans (Moth Dal)
  7. Tepary Beans Flour


Tepary Beans (Moth Dal) is vernacularly known as Matki in the Indian subcontinent. It is an herbaceous creeping annual plant that draws its existence from the Fabaceae family and Faboideae subfamily. It is best grown in the arid and semi-arid region of the Indian subcontinent that happens to be the northwest frontier, therefore, it is inherent to the arid and semi-arid region of India and Pakistan as they are drought resistant, and has the full potential to develop in such a region. Nevertheless, it is one of the staple diet of the people in the subcontinent, but this specifically is not the sole reason of their inculcation in the diet of the commoners, rather its rich nutrient component is also a dew reason for their addition in ones diet. It is said that it is loaded with vitamin, protein, iron, magnesium, manganese, hence being highly rich in nutrients has diversified it cultivation in different regions of the world too, thereon, it is also cultivated in parts of the United States, Thailand, Italy, Australia and other parts of Asia. It is usually small and elongated beans that wears a brown skin and brownish-yellow interior.

Health benefits

  • Enhances the immune system : As it is already known that Tepary Beans are heavily loaded with nutrients, and to be more specific the presence of zinc in it helps to boost the immune system and fight against diseases.(1)
  • Prevents osteoporosis : The abundance of calcium in the tepary beans strengthens the bone and hence prevents its early weakening that often leads to the onset of osteoporosis.(1) 
  • Muscles repairment : As tepary beans are said to be a good source of protein and protein is essential for the building and repairing of the muscles. Thus, it is regarded as one of the best sources of protein for everyone, especially for vegetarians.(1)

Selection Guide

The size and the color of tapery beans at times are certainly prone to adulteration, and thus almost contains dust and small stones that are mixed in it to camouflage the buyers, hence, it should be carefully picked before cooking and should be rinsed in cold water.

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