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Thiamine Mononitrate


Usage Tips

  1. Thiamine mononitrate can be used as an additive in foodsuch as enriched wheat or white flour.


Thiamine mononitrate is one of the two forms of vitamin B1, the other one being thiamine hydrochloride. It is a synthetic stable nitrate salt form of vitamin B1. It is naturally found in grains, yeast, and animal organ meat. It is in the form of white crystals or crystalline powder, little soluble in water. It has been used for the preparation and assay of various multi-vitamin formulations. It is used for food fortification, as the mononitrate is more stable than thiamine hydrochloride and does not absorb water from natural humidity, being non-hygroscopic.

Selection Guide

Thiamine mononitrate is available in supplement form. Check for its expiry date before purchasing.


Thiamine mononitrate may lead to side effects including chest pain, blue colored lips, shortness of breath, black or bloody stools and coughing up blood. (1)

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