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Also Known As : Shalgam, White turnip
Technical Name : Brassica rapa subsp. rapa


Taste Profile

Turnip has mild bitter taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Turnip can be used in soups and salads.
  2. It can also be roasted or stir-fried.

Common names and forms

  1. Salgam


Turnip is a root vegetable having roughly conical shape. It is white at the bottom with light purple blush on the top. The interior flesh is entirely white.

Health benefits

  • It contains high levels of potassium which is good for cardiovascular health.(1)
  • Digestive fiber in it helps in treating constipation,diarrhea,cramping and bloating.(1)
  • Iron present in it helps in the formation of red blood cells.(1)
  • Vitamin C present in it helps in boosting immunity.(1)
  • It is high in calcium that improves bone health and reduces the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose firm, rounded at their edges, average sized turnip,as bigger ones might be woody in texture and more bitter in taste.


  • Diabetic patients should consume turnip less as it might interfere with the medication.It contains a lot of fiber which can lead to digestive problems like intestinal blockage,diarrhea.(2)
  • Nursing mothers should not consume it as it will give digestive problems to infants.(2)
  • Turnip might not suit some people and may cause breathing problems, swelling of lips, redness around lips.(2)

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