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Urad Dal Black Split

Also Known As : Chilka Urad dal, Black chilka urad dal, Split Black Gram


Taste Profile

It has a milder flavor than whole black urad dal.

Common names and forms

  1. Black split
  2. Black Urad Split
  3. Dhuli Urad dal( skinned black gram)
  4. Unpolished Desi Urad Dal (Chilka)
  5. Urad Chora (Dal)
  6. Urad Dal
  7. Urad Dhuli
  8. Urad Grains


Urad Dal Black Split have been split but not skinned and have creamy white interior. It is quick to prepare as compare to whole black urad. It is one of the famous dals used in southern part of Asia, especially in Indian cuisine. It is available throughout the year.

Health benefits

  • Urad Dal Black Split is rich in fibre, which helps to improve digestion.(1)
  • It contain high quantities of magnesium and potassium, that is essential for heart health. It maintains the cholesterol levels and prevent atherosclerosis.(1)
  • It is rich in iron, that helps to increase the energy levels in the body.(1)
  • It contain minerals which helps to maintain bone health.(1)

Selection Guide

Select the Urad Dal Black Split that is free from insect, and pest. Urad Dal Black Split should be free from any inert matter i.e. dust particles, weed seeds.

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