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Also Known As : Common wheat, Gehun
Technical Name : Triticum aestivum


Usage Tips

  1. Wheat is ground into flour which can be used to make roti, bread, paratha, sheera, pasta and noodles.
  2. Wheat can be sprouted and can be used to make wheat sprout pancakes and wheat sprout salad.

Common names and forms

  1. Cracked Wheat
  2. Highland Wheat
  3. Indie Wheat
  4. Milled Soft Wheat
  5. Organic Wheat
  6. Organic Whole Wheat
  7. Pure Wheat
  8. Wheat Coarse
  9. Wheat Grains
  10. Wheat Solids
  11. White Wheat
  12. Whole Grain
  13. Whole Grain Soft White Wheat
  14. Whole Grain Wheat
  15. Whole Wheat



Wheat is a grass grown for its seeds. It is a cereal crop which is considered as a staple food. This cereal grain yields a fine white flour which is used in cooking.

Health benefits

  • Wheat improves digestion and metabolism and protects body from cardiovascular diseases.(1)
  • It regulates blood sugar levels and prevents type 2 diabetes.(1)
  • It helps to control chronic inflammation.(1)
  • It contains lignans that help to prevent breast cancer in women.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose wheat grains free from dust and debris.


Wheat contains oxalates. Excessive consumption of oxalates may cause kidney stones, gallstones and gout. It may cause allergic reaction like skin irritation and rashes.(2)

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