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White Pepper

Also Known As : Safed Mirch
Technical Name : Piper nigrum


Taste Profile

It has mild taste.

Usage Tips

  1. White pepper is best used in soups, white sauces, mayonnaise, pies and casseroles.

Common names and forms

  1. Crushed White Pepper
  2. Dehydrated White Peppers
  3. Organic White Pepper
  4. Organic White Pepper Whole
  5. White Pepper Whole


White pepper is a spice made from the husked dried beans of the piper nigrum plant. It is used as a flavouring agent.

Health benefits

  • White pepper is useful for pain relief. Its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial in arthritis, muscular swelling and pain.(1)
  • It is effective in treating headaches,cough and nasal congestion.(1)
  • It can also prevent stomach ulcers.(1)
  • It is helpful in keeping blood pressure under control and also promotes heart health.(1)
  • White pepper helps to cure vitiligo and removes wrinkles.(1)

Selection Guide

Try to buy white pepper which is organically grown. Avoid buying pre-ground or crushed pepper as it might have lost its flavour.


White pepper can cause itchiness and burning sensation if it comes in contact with the skin. It can also cause discomfort in some people when taken in hot summer season.(2)

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