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Gold Pro Healthy Lifestyle Can 5 litre

This is one of the very healthy choices of oil that I have seen in the market to date. With little to no content of bad fats like saturated fat, cholesterol, and trans fats this oil is good to go even for people with heart conditions. With a high proportion of unsaturated fats like MUFA and PUFA, this oil makes for a healthy pick.

05 August, 2020

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Too Yumm

Homestyle Classic Foxnuts Pack 38 grams

Having a snack to munch upon that is both healthy as well as tasty is a bliss. This pack of simple roasted makhanas is definitely a very good pick to depend upon for in between munches. It comes at a very economical price and is easily available almost anywhere. It is one of the very good choices of a snack for people of all age groups.

05 August, 2020

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Karachi Bakery

Cashew Biscuits Box 400 grams

This pack of cashew Karachi biscuits is one of the tastiest cashew biscuits that I have had so far. It melts in the mouth right away. The flavor of butter and sugar is so well blended that these biscuits just taste like heaven. It is undoubtedly one of the best products to be left behind.

05 August, 2020

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Tomato Chutney Glass Jar 460 grams

If you are someone who does not like to make tomato puree regularly for everyday cooking then this pack of tomato chutney is the best pick for you. With a very strong aroma and flavors of vinegar, ginger, seeds, and oil, this puree is perfect for cooking both Chinese and North Indian spicy dishes.

05 August, 2020

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Del Monte

Tomato Ketchup Original Blend Pouch 1 kilogram

This pack of tomato sauce by Del Monte has a perfect blend of tangy, sweet, and spicy flavors. It goes really well with sandwiches, burgers, rolls, and fries too. It is very easy to store and usee at all times. As it is not very spicy this sauce goes well for kids also.

05 August, 2020

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Tasty Treat

Cream Wafer Biscuit Chocolate Flavoured Pack 75 grams

I love these chocolate-flavored wafers. I always keep a small pack of it at my home. It is amazingly tasty and so light that having a small piece of it post-dinner fulfills the sweet cravings as well doesn't really feel heavy. In fact, you can also use it to garnish desserts and other dishes as well.

05 August, 2020

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Sampurn Organic

Sesame Oil Bottle 500 millilitre

Sesame oil is highly beneficial for health as it has a perfect ratio of saturated and unsaturated fats. It also has higher amount of polyunsaturated fats which makes this oil heart healthy. The fortification of oil by significant amounts of Vitamin E and K is yet another reason that we can swear by this oil when we think of healthy cooking. However, despite being so healthy this pack of sesame oil can be a big danger for people who suffer from sesame seed allergy. Infact it is often advised that for anyone who has allergies to tree nuts, they should avoid sesame seeds as well. As sesame allergy is a very new found one in the recent years this is the main reason why many people are unaware about it. But, sesame allergy can affect people of any age and be equally severe. It is thus an alarming step to read the ingredients label very clearly before buying this oil. Be sure of your allergy patterns or even consult a dietician or a nutritionist (if any) before buying such a product. As for anyone who is suffering from sesame seed allergy, you should definitely avoid buying this oil and look for alternatives instead.

18 December, 2020

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Urban Platter

Probiotic Health Elixir Real Kefir Tin 3.6 grams

Real Kefir is one of the great probiotic foods of all times. It works as a facilitator for proper stomach functioning and relieves from problems like diarrhea and constipation. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best immunity foods in the market for all age groups. Though it contains no allergen, however the added probiotics can act as potential allergens for people who are sensitive or allergic towards gluten, soy, eggs, dairy or even lactose. It is thus advisable for people with allergies to read the label of any potential probiotic product before buying or consuming it. In case you are someone who is not allergic to any of the gluten or dairy products, but still face problems like bloating, diarrhea, rashes or even constipation after consumption of this, it must be taken as an alarm to consult your doctor right away.

31 December, 2020

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Organic India

Tulsi Green Tea, Lemon Ginger Box 25 pcs

When it comes to weight loss, "Green tea" is a hit among almost every age group today! Green tea contains caffeine and a flavonoid called catechin, which being potential antioxidants boost the metabolism. Catechins help to break down excess fat, while both catechin and caffeine increase the amount of energy that the body uses. It aids the fat burning process and improves exercise performance. In addition, it also helps in controlling blood sugar levels and lowering blood cholesterol levels.

15 January, 2021

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Butter Garlic & Herbs Pack 125 grams

This butter enhanced with flavours of herbs and garlic is one of the most lip-smacking picks for all the Italian lovers. It tastes amazing as an addition to any snack. However, as it has a high amount of fats in it this product is definitely not at all suitable for people who are suffering from hypertension, obesity and PCOD. As butter is mainly made up of saturated fat which is termed as a "bad fat", too much inclusion of this product in the diet can be very harmful. Even if you are someone who is healthy and devoid of any health conditions, still having only a limited intake of butter is advisable to remain healthy and fit.

25 January, 2021