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05 March, 2018

Jyoti Vishnani

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An IT engg turned full time food explorer and cook to pursue my passion as profession. I like to read and research about various cuisine and cook them with my twist. Being from a corporate background, I try to cook dishes which are simple using minimal ingredients and delicious.









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Sweet Achaar Masala Box 500 grams

I received this masala packet as part of a gift hamper and I handed it to my mom as she likes making pickles at home. She got really excited reading it's instructions as they were very simple and easy to follow. She made it the very next day and it came out so well that it became my family favorite in no time. One secret ingredient she added which I couldn't even decipher because it was so different in taste and texture. After much cajoling, my mom told me it was dry dates ( chhuara) as nobody was eating them. Smart decision I must say!

12 November, 2018

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Upma Pack 170 grams

I love eating upma for my breakfast, however I don't have much time to cook it from scratch in the morning. I picked up this product to have my favorite breakfast and it has turned out well each time. Sometimes I do add some veggies like carrots or green peas, but even without vegetables it tastes great.

07 December, 2018