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03 April, 2018

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Jowar & Sweet Potato Flour, Vanilla Pound Cake Mix Box 185 grams

This is one of the most hit cake mixes in my house. Kids just love it and I love it because its super healthy. I always use to worry baking cakes for my nieces whenever they came for a visit. But now with this healthy mix the worries have faded away and the best part is the kids just love this cake. A must must try.

02 April, 2020

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Wingreens Farms

Barbeque Mayo Tube 130 grams

I was reluctant to try the new range of wingreens dips, spreads etc. in the tube form. As I have been using the dips since a long time and because of the best of use dates are of very short span I end up throwing the dips as they are not fully used at times. But this product I bought and it has made my sandwiches, burgers, finger food lip smacking. The flavour is not too strong and just perfect for my pallate. Also, I love the packaging as it takes minimal space in my fridge, its easy to store and has a fairly good period of usage time. I am now going to try the other flavours and variants they have in the tube form. Surely recommend this to people who like a subtle barbeque tinge in there food and nothing too strong.

11 April, 2020

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Cocoa Powder Tin 125 grams

I had been experimenting with a lot of cocoa powders in search of the perfect one, but wasn't really satisfied with any until I started using this one. I was a little sceptical initially to purchase Hintz as it is quite expensive. But because I wasn't happy with the cocoa powders that I had used I was always on the look out for a good brand of cocoa powder and my search finally ended with this one. Hintz cocoa powder is just perfect, be it the texture, colour. I don't like the sweeter versions of cocoa powder that are in the market as they all have a very strong taste of their own which gives a very strong flavour to my desserts. I would use Hintz anyday as its taste compliments the desserts and cakes that I make and doesn't over power the recipe in anyway. It also has a good shelf life of 2 years.

12 May, 2020

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Rosemary Bottle 17 grams

I really like herbs from Keya. Firstly their packaging is very nice and convenient. The product quality is great too. I have tried rosemary of other brands, but Keya's rosemary has thin and fairly long strands of rosemary. The strands are uniformly cut and not like other brands where the starnds are tiny or flat. The quality of keya herbs is great and that's why they are always my top choice to buy herbs from.

12 May, 2020