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14 November, 2018

Neha Sethi

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Pancake Syrup (Original Real 2% Maple Syrup) Bottle 710 millilitre

I have tried many maple pancake syrups. This Abbie's Pancake Syrup is just okay. It tastes good but there are better pancakes syrups in the market. The packaging is good as it is compact and easy to store.

25 June, 2019

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Ahmad Tea London

Jasmine Green Tea Box 100 grams

Ahmad Tea London Jasmine Green Tea has light flavor and aroma. It isn't too strong or bitter like other green teas. I prefer serving it hot than cold. It leaves a calming effect on the body. I will definitely buy it again.

25 June, 2019

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Kool Mango Shakers Tin 200 millilitre

I love Amul Kool Mango Shake for its amazing taste. I love drinking it chilled in hot summers. It is not too sweet or thick. The consistency is good. The tin packaging is good to use and store.

25 June, 2019

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Lassi Tetra Pack 250 millilitre

I am a huge fan of sweet lassi and undoubtedly Amul Lassi is my all time favorite. It is the best drink to beat the heat in summers. It is loaded with calcium and protein. I love its flavor and consistency. I would definitely recommend buying it.

25 June, 2019

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Flavoured Milk Vanilla Bottle 180 millilitre

Ananda Flavoured Milk Vanilla tastes good but I find it a bit sweeter. It tastes good when served chilled and contains no preservatives. The bottled packaging is good too and worth the price.

25 June, 2019