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Urban Flavorz

Italian Seasoning Bottle 25 grams

I was looking for Dominos like seasoning when I tried this. It doesn't enhance the taste as oregano seasonings should. It's a little less salty than it should be.

03 September, 2019

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Tata Sampann

Naturally Rich Garam Masala Pack 100 grams

The masala somehow makes the vegetables look fresh and it also tastes good. Its not very flavourful though as a garam masala should be, but works fine.

03 September, 2019

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Orange Pack 500 grams

After work out, I used to take glucon-D, but lately I have switched to Tang. It tastes the right kind of sweet, and is an instant source of sugar. It is even a good option for serving to guests

26 September, 2019

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Masala Oats Pack 38 grams

Be it breakfast, or an evening meal, this is the healthiest and pocket friendly option. I like how it can be prepared easily. In fact, the water measuring feature on the pouch itself is really helpful.

26 September, 2019

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Classic Malt Plastic Jar 200 grams

Since I prefer chocolate flavored milk more, this doesn't work for me very well. It doesn't mix in the milk to give a smooth texture. The taste is not very sweet, so might work for those who like less sweetened flavor.

26 September, 2019

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Cadbury Oreo

Original Chocolatey Sandwich Biscuits Pack 15.5 grams

Oreos are my forever favorite. A combination of yummy and filling, they fulfill the sugar need of the body. I like how the cream is sweeter than the cookies themselves, which make the taste interesting.

26 September, 2019

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Del Monte

Dried Cranberries Pack 130 grams

Since fruits are always preferred fresh, I was a little hesitant in picking this up. It worked fine. I added it as a garnishing on curd, cakes, and pies and the flavor came out well.

26 September, 2019

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Arrowhead Mills

Organic Buckwheat Pancake & Waffle mix Pack 737 grams

The mention of buckwheat was what drew me to buy this. The batter was thick and the pancakes too came out well. They had a little distinct taste from the regular ones I have had.

19 October, 2019