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Karachi Bakery

Fruit Biscuits Box 400 grams

Karachi's Fruit Biscuits are delicious.Due to its buttery aroma and awesome taste, I can't stop munching just one biscuit.Packaging of product is perfect as there is no biscuit broken inside the pack. Price is reasonable to buy.

15 February, 2019

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To Be Healthy

Spiced Okra Chips With Coriander & Mint Pack 50 grams

For person like me who are health conscious, these chips are crunchy avatars as they are vacuum fried which simply means that there is no oil present in the chips while retaining the colour or flavour to them. They are low on calories and I like to eat them with my green tea and coffee.

15 February, 2019

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Nourish Organics

Active Sunflower Seeds Plastic Jar 150 grams

Nourish organic has come up with amazing superfood “sunflower seeds”. These seeds are healthy and tasty.It is my favourite office desk snack which I can keep on munching without any guilt. I even sprinkle these seeds in my salad and toast.Packaging of product is easy to carry and appealing. A big thumbs up to affordable price.

29 June, 2019

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Arrowhead Mills

Organic Buckwheat Pancake & Waffle mix Pack 737 grams

Recently I stumbled upon this product in a superstore and thought to give it a try , so I purchased it.Buckwheat pancakes turned out really well from this product. These pancakes are healthy and delicious. They are now my everyday breakfast.Pancakes have a bit nutty flavour as they are prepared from buckwheat.I like to pair my pancakes with strawberries, bananas or peanut butter. Packaging of product is perfect!!

19 October, 2019

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A2 Desi Cow Ghee Glass Jar 200 millilitre

If you are struggling with common lifestyle problems, checkout OrganiKrishi A2 Desi Cow Ghee.Ghee made from cow's milk which contains only A2 beta casein (protein) is called A2 desi cow ghee.This ghee is easy to digest.Being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, and calcium, it is considered as the purest of all foods. There is no chemicals or additives involved in preparation of ghee.This ghee is hand-churned to perfection using the bilona process(churning the curd of milk, the whole curd is churned with a wooden churner and then heating the cream obtained from it) .This ghee retains the elements of sweetness and nutty flavour .It is one of the best alternative to butter or vegetable oil. Without any guilt, I love to indulge in sinful desserts like pinni, besan ladoo, suji halwa and savoury delectables which I prepare from this ghee. You can make your dishes tasty, and healthy, by adding a spoonful of A2 Desi Cow Ghee.Apart from enhancing your daily meal, this ghee has numerous health benefits like boosting metabolism, cure joint pains and even lowers bad cholesterol. In terms of packaging of product, A2 Desi Cow Ghee is easy to store and handle.

11 February, 2020