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25 January, 2019

Ansh Raj

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Sabji Masala Box 50 grams

Everest sabji masala always make place in our kitchen. I am going to share my personal experience about the product, when we was aware of this Everest Sabji Masala my mom use to put all type of spices in Sabji. One day i went to market to buy all type of spices which we use at our home. I saw Everest Sabji Masala when i went to market so i purchased Everest Sabji Masala to try it. Then we used this masala and we feel the fragrance and the flavor was amazing. And now we using Everest Sabji Masala.

06 February, 2019

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Sangi's Kitchen

Mustard Mayonnaise Glass Jar 210 grams

Sangi's Kitchen Mustard Mayonnaise according to my taste its ok ok not wow type product. After using this i felt too much taste of mustard and too sour for my taste.

08 February, 2019

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Pizza & Pasta Sauce Pouch 200 grams

My family always prefers Kissan pizza and pasta sauce. It's a really nice sauce. Mostly we are using this in pasta, with the help of this sauce we can make delicious a pasta. Kissan is the oldest brand and it surely maintains the quality of the product.

09 February, 2019

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Fresh Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 1 kilogram

Kissan is the well known brand me and my family really like Kissan's product. I love the taste of Kissan fresh tomato ketchup, it's like fresh tomato. It's sweet and sour taste makes foods more delicious. We use this for making sandwiches, with samosa, chowmens, rolls and burger etc. It's packaging also good.

09 February, 2019

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Haldiram's Prabhuji

Prabhuji Chat Patta Pack 400 grams

I really like Haldiram's Prabhuji Chat Patta. Its tasty mixture along with 0 cholesterol. In this mixture no extra spices it's little salty. Me and my friends mostly use this at tea time.

22 February, 2019