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11 May, 2020

Arjun Rathaur

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I am a student of Army Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore. I aspire to be a chef and I am highly interested in Culinary Production. You can check out my food at @arjuntries or at Instagram and contact me if you are interested in food or have any doubts.









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Cream Cheese Pack 1 kilogram

This Cream cheese is one of the best for baking at this price point. I would highly recommend this for any baking use or for even making anything else like Ice Cream.

13 May, 2020

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Spreads Cocoa With Almond Plastic Jar 350 grams

This cleary is at par with Nutella and this adds a whole new dynamic with the Almond flavourings and makes the whole package a bit more than a spread!

13 May, 2020

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Peanut Butter Regular Creamy Plastic Jar 200 grams

This is a good product because the Sat Fats are very low and the level of energy you get after having this is immensely high. This is also very flavourful and delicious!

13 May, 2020

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Sriracha Chilli Garlic Sauce Plastic Bottle 320 grams

The packaging is very nice as it is easily useable and also, the flavours and the depth of Chilli flavour and not the hear is completely in tone with the Garlic Notes.

13 May, 2020

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Sangi's Kitchen

Mustard Mayonnaise Glass Jar 210 grams

This is one of perfect additions to your pantry as it helps you to save on the money of buying both Mustard and Mayonnaise, this already balances both of them out and give an exemplary Taste.

13 May, 2020

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Black Pepper Sauce Glass Bottle 227 grams

This imparts a strong Pepper flavour to any Oriental Dish that you have in mind. I would strongly recommend you to have this in your pantry but use it wisely and in limited quantites!

13 May, 2020

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Kitchens Of India

Cilantro & Tomato Cooking Sauce Bombay Kadai Glass Jar 347 grams

This product is not as good as it sounds, it's edible but you shouldn't pay for something to be just edible, making a fresh paste would be a lot less costly and a lot more delicious!

13 May, 2020

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Muesli Cranberry & Oats Box 375 grams

This is one of the best Museli out there, I mean the combo of the flavours works out really well and gives an Energetic start to your day, with a nice taste!

13 May, 2020

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Mystique Hills

Organic Guava Leaves Tea Box 100 grams

This product has many uses in a kitchen but can be eaten as is, this is a rare ingredient but it is usefull and also an essential If you're a fitness freak.

13 May, 2020

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Del Monte

Fiesta Fruit Cocktail Tin 439 grams

If you are having a party, this is a necessity as it is the most easy way to make a fruit punch or even have a fruit salad without any effort!

13 May, 2020