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Benefits of Barley

Benefits of Barley

  • JustGoToChef
  • Aug 16, 2019

  • Aug 16, 2019


What is it that comes to your mind when wanting to include something healthy in your diet? Do you know there are more options than just fruits, vegetables, seeds and dairy products? These are- cereal grains, which are highly rich in nutrients and cater to more than one body needs.

One of these grains is Barley. Be it proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals like selenium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, or manganese, barley is rich in them all. And that’s not all, there are added health benefits of barley that will make you want to include this grain in your diet right away.

Boosts Immunity 

Barley is rich in Vitamin C which is good for the immune system.

Helps in digestion

The insoluble fiber (i.e. the fiber that does not get dissolved in water) in barley, helps in intestinal movement and increases the bulk in stool, thus preventing any chances of constipation.

On the other hand, the soluble fibre in it provides food for gut friendly bacteria, thus improving gut health. Also, barley is rich in plant lignan which is a flora that is good for the intestine. 

Helps in weight loss

Beta-glucan, which is a soluble fibre present in barley, forms a gel-like substance in the gut, which slows the digestion and absorption of nutrients. This in turn reduces the appetite and makes one feel full for a longer time; ultimately helping in weight loss.

Stabilizes blood pressure

Low sodium intake, and high potassium intake are the key to stabilizing blood pressure. Barley, being rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium does so naturally.

Keeps bones healthy

Being rich in calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and manganese, barley makes the bones stronger and also ensures healthy teeth.

The best part is that barley has a nice nutty flavour which compliments many dishes. Also, apart from the granular form, it is available as barley flour, barley flakes, and barley grits. So, give this healthy addition to your diet today! Here are some barley recipes to get you started.


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