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27 April, 2019

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Tata Sampann

Naturally Rich Chilli Powder Pack 500 grams

Recently I have purchased this Chilli powder. It gives nice red colour to the dish. It is really spicy, so only little amount need to be added to the dish to get the spiciness. So it seems like fresh ingredient is used to make the product. Packaging is also good.

27 April, 2020

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Ambari Chilli Powder Pack 200 grams

I like this Chilli powder because of its colour and test. It gives nice red colour to the dish and spiciness too. The 250gm packet is convenient to use. The most thing I like is the good red color it gives to the dish is noticeable. For me it's value for money as only little amount of Chilli powder need to be added. I will surely recommend it to others

27 April, 2020

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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

If it's about frozen green peas, safal matar is the first choice. Green peas are used in many food preparation like pulav, pav bhaji, sandwich stuffing or paratha. In off season when green peas are not available, I can rely on this product anytime. The shelf-life is good so it doesn't spoiled. It requires less cooking time and no food color is used so without a doubt, it's a recommendation.

20 July, 2020

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Date Crown

Fard Pack 500 grams

I like this variety as it has nice juicy and soft texture. The quality remain same after some days of opening the package also. The sweet ness is enough if I used it as an alternate of sweetner in making of kheer or shakes. Dates is considered as healthy and beneficial to the health. So I recommend this product. I have purchased it many times and each time quality remains same. It has never disappointef me.

20 July, 2020

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Chocolate Fudge Topping Plastic Bottle 380 grams

This chocolate fudge is thick and of dark brown colour. Its readily available to make use for dressing over cake or pastry so it saves the time of making chocolate sauce at home. Tastewise it's bit sweeter side but for chocolate sauce it's acceptable. I have used it over pancakes as a dressing. It's trans fat free. Can also be used as a sweetening agent in shakes and smoothies as it's texture is quite creamy. It can also be used to top your ice-cream. I will say it's value for money. The plastic bottle is easy to handle.

20 July, 2020

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Cheese Processed Box 1 kilogram

When it is about cheese, it's only Amul cheese which comes as a preference. I always prefer to buy it's 500 gm /1 kg pack which is easy to store. The taste and consistency of the cheese is perfect each time. Cheese is a good source of protein and calcium so it is used in my kitchen in abundance.

26 July, 2020

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Orange Marmalade Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

If you like jam and spread over your Toast or bread, must give it a try. Is has natural orange zest in it and the sweetness is also balanced. The consistency of the marmaled is good.

26 July, 2020

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Nacho Crisps Tomato Mexicana Pack 150 grams

Nachos are now have been accepted as a favourite snack of people. Whenever we feel little hungry and want to have some tasty snack, this comes at rescue. Cornitos nachos comes in different flavours and for a person who is a fan of nachos, this is a treat. The crisp and flavourful nachos are definitely attracts you to have some more and I am sure you will not stop yourself by having only few. The package is also good to keep the crispness of the snack intake.

23 August, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Punjabi Aloo Launji Pouch 120 grams

Authentic style punjabi aloo lonji can be prepared using curry paste of Tasty Tales. Spice level of masalas is perfectly balanced. You will get the tasty dish ready in no time. The method steps are also given alongwith product so even newbie can also prepare it. Tasty tales products are curated by the recipes of homechefs and grandma's method. It has natural ingredients and is preservative free. So if you are looking for homely food or authentic local taste or boarded of eating same old dishes , must try it out. The packaging of product is also nice and attractive. It's a complete value for money.

07 October, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Mylapore Vathal Kozhambu Pouch 150 grams

I have prepared Vathal kozhambu by using ready made curry paste by Tasty Tales. Vathal kozhambu is a dish from Tamil cuisine which is served along with steamed rice. Tasty tales makes your work easy as it has pre cooked curry paste. You have to just add water and boil it for few minutes and authentic tamil style vathal kozhambu will be ready in no time. It is balanced mix of tangy, sour and spicy taste. So, if you are missing grandma's taste, do give it a try. If you are looking for authentic vathal kozhambu, then this is the right option for you. The packaging is very very interesting. The recipe preparation steps are also given on the packet so just follow it and your curry will be ready in no time. It has a good shelf life of six months. It would be better if the price could be reduced a bit. Overall, it is a good product with good taste.

12 October, 2020