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How can I be the reviewer of the month?

  • GoToChef
  • Aug 14, 2019

What is the first thought that one has when they pick a food product? “How and where do I use it?” 

We know, a food expert like you has an answer to that. That’s why we are on a lookout for the Reviewer of the Month.


Be it an international sauce you tried or a cheese brand you discovered or used milk cream in a different way, share your experience by reviewing them on GoToChef and get recognised for the knowledge that you have. What’s more, you’ll be helping millions out there to eat right and eat better.


Want some tips and tricks on how you can write a good review to be the next ‘reviewer of the month’? Here they are.

       -  You can start by sharing why you like or dislike it.

       -  Next, you can tell what the product tastes like and how it is in comparison to other brands/products.

       -  There are certain food products that if stored well, last longer. So, if you have a storage tip for them. Do share.

       -  If you have an opinion on the packaging of a product, you can mention that too.

       -  Lastly, don’t forget to share a usage tip, if you have one. It will surely help those who are clueless about the ways a food product can be used.

       -  Once you submit your review, wait for 48 hours for us to publish it on our platform.


This is how we select the best reviewer:

  1. If your review is written in a way that helps the consumer in making a decision, you stand a chance to be selected.

  2. We’ll see how well you could make use of the points mentioned above.

  3. Lastly, to share your opinion, and to get more views on your review, you can share them on your social media accounts. This way your reviews get more views and also helps us in deciding the next ‘Reviewer of the Month’.


You have the right knowledge, the right expertise and now you have the key to write a good review. Head on! For we can’t wait for you to be the ‘Reviewer of the month’.

 You can see a step-by-step guide here to write a review 


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