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Here's how linking your blog or YouTube with GoToChef helps you grow

  • GoToChef
  • Aug 21, 2019

Are you someone who is making some really good recipes and uploading it on youtube and your blog? And do you often find yourself thinking why you don’t have a good audience base yet? 

Here is why. As per more than 1.8 Billion websites and blogs exist on the internet today and on an average 9 websites get added every minute! While creating a website or a blog is a task in itself, getting traffic on them remains the biggest challenge. 

With so much already out there, the question arises, how does your effort as a food content producer gets recognised? How do you grow from a content producer to a food influencer among the passionate cooks and home chef community?

The answer is simple. Publish on a platform that helps you optimize your content, and makes sure that your content reaches the right audience. On that note, we bring to you a platform that does that for you- GoToChef.  

 If you are wondering what will happen to your already running blog/ youtube channel; here’s the best part. Publishing on GoToChef is all about helping your blog/ YouTube channel to grow. It’s a mere catalyst, and here’s how that works:


      1.  When uploading your recipe’s pictures, you have the option to leave a link to your YouTube video of the same. Once published, it will show up as a thumbnail on your recipe’s page which the user can then click to be redirected to your YouTube channel  (As shown in the picture).




       2.  Similarly, when adding the ‘step by step method’ to your recipe, you can instead choose to drop a link to your personal blog under the ‘Blog URL’ field. (As shown in the picture)

In short, GoToChef helps direct more and more eager users to your recipes, without you having to worry about audience reach. Moreover, our ingredients mapping feature helps link all the ingredients you have used to our extensive yet ever expanding database, thereby making your content all the more impressive and easier to find.

 So wait no more and start submitting your recipes on GoToChef, and see yourself growing as an influencer in no time.

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