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If you’re anything like us, you love treating yourself to a hearty meal. And this goes double for anyone in India, where even the simplest meals are usually upgraded with any combination of masalas, chutneys and pickles that suits your taste. Naagin Sauce was born of a desire to expand our condiments options beyond these tried and tested options. We searched high and low for spicy and flavourful sauces that would pair well with Indian cuisine. Sadly, we found none that fit the bill. “Disgraceful,” we said. “Guess we’ll just have to make it ourselves.” And so, we did! At Naagin, we felt it’s about time someone stepped in to represent the best of Indian flavours and spice culture. We are fuelled by a raw passion for food exploration to bring you a truly lip-smacking and unabashedly Indian hot sauce!

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