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Queen's Quinoa







Queens Quinoa Pvt Ltd is serving its SuperFoods, SuperSeeds & Super Snacks, to more than a Million customers across Airlines, Cinema Halls, Hotels, Modern Trade & Online. Queens Quinoa is the largest player in Indian Superfood Market with operation across the entire value chain “from Seed to Feed”. QQ operates across Seed Management procurement, farming practices, farmer’s support, cultivation, harvesting, processing & conversion to various end products. Post Covid, there is a visible trend among consumers to shift their eating preference towards healthier Foods & Ingredients. And we are finding Quinoa products to be the leading options in their shopping cart. Accordingly, we have been developing various Quinoa based Products based on consumer age group & dieting preference. As per market feedback, Quinoa is no longer a foreign grain for Indian Consumers and the timing for Introducing Quinoa products in your diet could never be better than now!