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25 June, 2021

Chhaya Vipul

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Atta With Multigrains Pack 5 kilogram

Aashirwad atta is the best atta in the readymade atta. It makes very soft roti and also very easy to knead the dough and rollI always buy this Aashirwad atta and have been consuming for a long time in my household. I love the taste and quality. Must buy.

11 July, 2021

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Nature Fresh

Acti-Lite Refined Sunflower Oil Can 5 litre

product is very good and really useful for day to day needs. i would recommend to go for it.Using since last 7 years.very good quality oil. I am really like this product. This is very light oil. This oil is very good for health. So i am using this product. This is very best oil for cooking.

11 July, 2021

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Agro Fresh

Thick Avalakki (Poha) Pack 1 kilogram

This is a good quality product. It is thick as expected and good in taste. People here have given a review that it is not flattened well. But this is thick poha, it is supposed to be thick. If you are looking for a flattened one, then you should try medium or thin versions. This poha is awesome and I buy it regularly

11 July, 2021

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Super Basmati Rice (Tibar) Pack 1 kilogram

High quality rice. Best of fried rice and pulao. Zero aroma in itself so best for inducing it with various flavours requried for making Fried Rice; Flavoured Pulao; Biryani etc.Very nice , delicious, great in taste. Nice aroma long ,unbroken thin rice.I got in discount deal .Superfine rice.I liked very much.Thanks for Packing also very nice.Suparb.

11 July, 2021

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Masala Oats Chinese Pack 250 grams

Good in taste and a better alternative to fried stuff. Diabetic patients should go for steel cut oats and avoid these instant oat meals. Good for children and young generation as a healthy substitute to fried stuff n fast food

12 July, 2021