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11 September, 2019

Classic Chettinaad Lakshmi V

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A passionate home cook, food enthusiast turned Entrepreneur. I belong to the Chettinaad Region of Tamilnadu. Born & brought up in the North, I have travelled worldwide due to my husbands job. This made me realize the importance of food, basically Homemade & Healthy Foods. Chettinaad is very well known for it Food & Culture. My grandmother, mother & aunts are great cooks. Hailing from such a background, a wife of a perfect foodie & a mother of 2 very passionate eaters, my passion in food kept growing day by day. And this way I got associated with Vikatan Publications, a leading magazine in Tamilnadu. I have been giving them 1000s of food recipes for the past 4 years now. Moreover my passion also took turn into the world of Food Photography & Styling. I have done a few photography & styling sessions for restaurants & commercials. I have also done food videos for Vikatan Publications & a few other brands as well. After gaining this experience & with an intention to serve the world with the expertise I gained from ancestors, I have very recently stepped into entrepreneurship. We are into ecommerce & wholesaling of Niche Chettinaad food Products & other the present day requirements like healthy homemade baby food products, homemade masalas & homemade instant food items. For more interesting recipes, videos & to know more about the cultural heritage of Chettinaad please do drop by whenever time permits @ facebook : Insta handle :









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