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30 October, 2018

Debasmita Mondal

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Soan Papdi Pack 250 grams

The Haldiram Soan papdi is one of the best soan papdi's that I have tasted. It comes in a plastic box. It is just the right amount of sweet and the texture is such it melts in your mouth. The taste remains the same even when you refrigerate it.

10 November, 2018

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Chaat Masala Box 500 grams

The tangy taste of it spices up a lot of Indian dishes, specially deep fried snacks. But do keep in mind to use salt moderately if you use Chaat masala in your food as it is a bit salty in itself.

16 November, 2018

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Cheese Processed Cheese Spread - 5 Slices Pack 100 grams

It is very delicious and makes anything yummy. I like to add it to not only to my bread slices but also cut it in small pieces and add it to omelette and maggi.

07 December, 2018

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Aloo Bhujia Pack 175 grams

I love to have it with tea. It can also be used to garnish chaats, ghughni and dahi vada. The spicy flavour adds to the dish's taste. I can finish a complete pack within minutes.

07 December, 2018