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28 June, 2021

Deepika Gupta

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Easy Life

English Mustard Bottle 325 grams

I use it many recipes like hot dogs, burgers, dips and even in marination for fish and paneer. It is not too strong and pungent. Great as a salad dressing too.

11 July, 2021

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Organic Tattva

Suji Pack 500 grams

I always prefer suji from this brand as it is clean and does not contain any stones or other particles. Suji is used in my home a lot of times and mainly in breakfast items. I can use this directly from packet as there is no need to check for impurities.

22 July, 2021

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Conscious Food

Amaranth Rajgira Organic Pack 500 grams

This is a staple ingredient in my kitchen and I used it to make a lot of recipes. The quality is very good I do not find any dust particles in it. Popping them is very easy and the taste is also very nice.p

03 August, 2021

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Naturally yours

Barley Flakes Pack 200 grams

I use this as I use oats in my recipes. The taste of these Barley flakes is very good. After roasting them for a while it develops an nutty flavour and becomes very easy to cook which saves a lot of time during breakfast.

03 August, 2021

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Chakki Fresh Atta Pack 5 kilogram

This atta is very good in quality and taste. The chapati stays soft and fresh even after a few hours. Absorbs good amount of water while kneading which proves that it is of a very good quality. After kneading the dough stays fresh even on the second day when refrigerated.

03 August, 2021