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09 October, 2020

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Mithai Mate Sweetened Condensed Milk Tin 400 grams

Amul- Mithai Mate Sweetened Condensed Milk Tin 400grams is a condensed milk from Amul having milk solid made of pure milk fat. This is 100% vegetarian and imparts much thicker and creamier than other condensed milk available in the market. I prefer to use this in cake and other desserts stuffs.

20 January, 2021

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Milk Cookies Pack 100 grams

Unibic Butter Cookies Pack 100grams is a delectable soft and chewy cookie made of wheat flour, sugar and milk solids. This is 100% vegetarians and imparts a rich milky taste and have a perfect chruncy texture that goes best with a cup of tea or coffee or milk. I really prefer this and would highly recommend specially for kids

21 January, 2021

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Tasty Tales

Goan Chicken Cafreal Pouch 150 grams

Tasty Tales - Goan chicken Cafreal Pouch 150gms is a ready to cook curry paste made to prepare Goan Chicken Cafreal. You just need to add chicken pieces and cook for max 20mintues with hot water. You can even use other meats or make vegetarian substitutes like paneer, tofu, soya chunks etc. It ready to cook curry paste is made of coriander leaves, spices, tamarind paste, green chillies, coconut oil and many more. Its 100% vegetarian and comes in a good packaging. But honestly I would prefer to make Goa Chicken Cafreal from scratch using homemade spices and fresh coriander leaves which gives an authentic taste. This pouch is okay for those who wants a quick substitute for the authentic recipe but somewhere I found the flavours of spices were too overpowering and it blocked the taste and flavours of coriander leaves and green chillies.

09 February, 2021