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Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

Amul Masti Butter Milk is a refreshing natural healthy Drink without adding any food colors or flavors, made from Milk. Amul Masti Butter Milk is my favorite drink. Amul is a well-known company, famous because it produces all of its products including Masti Butter Milk in a very clean and hygienic atmosphere. It is in every Health book or Doctor also suggests Butter Milk is the best to drink for Summers, it protects us from Sun, and it improves our digestion system. It is cool for our stomach. It is full of Calcium. Must try especially in summers, just take one glass of Amul Masti Butter Drink instead of your morning Tea, you will find the best health results at the end of summers. You can add little salt and cumin powder to make it much tastier. Amul Masti Buttermilk is easily available in the market or amul stores. No doubt on its food quality. Good for health.

01 October, 2019