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09 October, 2018

Kabir Ganguly

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Aloo Bhujia Pack 175 grams

One of my go to snack. Really goes well with evening tea. Being Bengali, evening adda needs a fillers and this does the job really well. It is pocket friendly and i love it.

15 December, 2018

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Mad Angles Achaari Masti Pack 45 grams

I just simply love the 5ase of bingo mad angeles achari masti. It is chatpata and tangi at the same time. I just can't stop eating it. After lays onions and cream this is the best chips in the market out there.

18 December, 2018

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Classic Coffee Glass Jar 100 grams

I usually begin my day with a cup of coffee. Though not much off a coffee drinker, it feels something is missing if i don't have a cup of coffee. My entire family prefers this brand over any other. I really like the design glass jar. It gives it a premium feel.

19 December, 2018

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Good Day Butter Cookies Pack 250 grams

I am not a biscuits person so to speak but as a kid I have had a lot of these. The butter flavour was my favourite and I still love it nonetheless.

21 December, 2018

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Potato Chips Original Container 110 grams

I have only had pringles once in my life and never thought to buy it cause frankly, they are quite expensive. But, these are one of the best chips I have ever had, no comparison.

21 December, 2018

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Chana Masala Box 100 grams

I feel the packaging is very dull. They could i done the packaging little bit more bright and colourful. I like the taste of chana masala. My mum makes uses it every now and then.

22 December, 2018

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Deggi Mirch, Chilli Powder Box 100 grams

Every time i hear deggi mirch, the first thing pops in my head is the Television commercial of mid 2000s when it was telecasted. And it was so catchy that today its a nostalgia for me.

22 December, 2018

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Pickled Vegetables Sliced Jalapeno Glass Jar 350 grams

Jalapeno is my favorite thing. I like to have it with every thing pizza burger toast even sandwiches. I like the spicy kick that it gives. i like the packing of this product. i just wish if it could be a little cheap.

05 February, 2019

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Mixed Pickle Pouch 200 grams

Tops is a brand that my family trusts when it comes to pickles. I like the kick that the mixed pickle gives. and i love to have it with parathas. Its easily affordable and the packaging is also nice.

05 February, 2019

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Thums Up

Thums Up Tin 330 millilitre

The one thing that i like about thumbs up is that it is really strong as compared to other soft drinks. Though i feel conentration of the soda is more thats why you get that strong taste which i like somehow. I feel the packaging is also very nice. And it is a good option when you have friends over at your place.

06 February, 2019