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Chilled Latte Tetra Pack 180 millilitre

Mild, creamy, sweet and flavourful Coffee for people on-the-go. It has a leak-proof packaging that makes it great for the purpose of travel. The coffee is neither very thick in consistency, nor too thin. It's just perfect and I loved it much. People who love dark and strong coffee, this product isn't for them.

27 July, 2020

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YiPPee Masala Tricolor Pasta Pack 35 grams

Sunfeast is a popular snacking brand with a number of Noodles and Pasta variants available in the market. Sunfeast Yippee Masala Tricolor Pasta is an instant Pasta pack that offers Pasta in 3 shades- Orange, Green and Yellow. It seems like the colours are just to attract kids and is the same as the normal pasta in terms of flavour. They say it contains veggies too, but it is all processed food at the end of the day. This Pasta has a very subtle taste and is a bit sweet too. It seems to have less salt and is less on Indian spices as well. Nonetheless, kids will love it. I would not recommend it for adults.

27 July, 2020

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Potato Crisps Sour Cream & Onion Flavour Container 110 grams

They are expensive but you can actually feel the worth in their taste and quality. This Sour Cream flavour is to die for and I absolutely loved it. It has perfect balance of sourness and creaminess. It just dissolves in the mouth as soon as you have a bite. I bet you can't stop at having just one bite of it. If you want to savour nice quality potato chips, then Pringle should be your thing. And, if like me, you too love the flavours of Onion and Cream together, then you can surely lay your hands on it.

27 July, 2020

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Mad Angles Achaari Masti Pack 45 grams

Bingo Achari Masti is a very affordable snacking option. The flavours of Achar are bang on. It has a good blend of Indian flavours as well. Not to mention, it offers good quantity in one pack. Also, it can be used as Nacho Chips as well. One can enjoy it while binge watching too. I say, Bingo Achari Masti is a must try.

27 July, 2020

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Pure Magic Chocolush Biscuits Box 75 grams

Close your eyes and visualise melted chocolate enclosed in a crispy Choco biscuit. Well, that's how amazing Britannia Chocolush is. It's taste is nothing but pure love. It's chocolte is on sweeter side and it melts in mouth like anything. It is perfect for both kids n adults. I find it value for money and is a must try.

27 July, 2020

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Indian Hot Sauce Original Glass Bottle 230 grams

This is a Spicy sauce, an Indian variant of the Red Chilli sauce. It is mildly sour and a bit more spicy. You can add it to any Indian gravies to give them the hot flavour. I have also tries replacing it as Red Chilli Sauce in my Chinese dishes as well. Also I loved its quirky packaging. All in all, it's a nice spicy sauce.

08 June, 2021