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15 March, 2021

Manjeet kaur Gandhi

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Nature Fresh

Sampoorna Chakki Aata Pack 5 kilogram

I never ever had a good experience with ready made aata . But on the recommendation of one of my friends, I started using nature fresh sampoorna chakki aata. I am so glad to say that chapatis are cooked nicely. They are very soft, fluffy and thin. The best part is that the dough doesn't turn black if kept for 8-10 hours like other brands.

06 July, 2021

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Besan Pack 500 grams

This lockdown has introduced me to some really very authentic products. Fortune besan is one of them. We never ever had bought ready made besan. But fortune besan is the best besan. It has quite fine texture. Aroma and flavour is natural. Highly recommended product.

13 July, 2021

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Masala-a-Magic Sachet 6 grams

Maggi masala a magic sachet is in true sense a magic for all curry sabjis. May it be aaloo ki rassa vaali sabzi or chhole , it gives an extra zing to the meal. Easy to handle, just add a sachet to your pulao and voila, very nice aromatic pulao is ready to relish.

16 July, 2021

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Treat JimJam Naughty Jam Flavoured Sandwich Biscuits Pack 100 grams

Just now I was relishing this biscuit and suddenly decided to pen down my reviews on this. The vanilla cream sandwiched between the biscuit layers topped with strawberry textured jam make this biscuit the best of all. Every bite takes us a trip down memory lane.

20 July, 2021

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Soan Papdi Pack 250 grams

Haldiram's soan papdi can not be compare d with the soan papdi of other brands. It just melts in mouth. Try to buy small pack so as to finish it within a day or two as it turns slightly dry after unboxing. Overall very smooth in taste. A must buy.

22 July, 2021

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Baking Powder Box 100 grams

Rex baking powder is a great rescue when it comes to bake cakes or cookies. Its rising action is quite good. Even the wheat flour cakes shows nice fluff. Store it in dry box. Donot use wet spoon while using it. Use it before it's expiry date for desired results. Highly recommended product.

31 July, 2021