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04 November, 2020

Mannya Agarwal

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Classic Thick Tomato Soup Pack 53 grams

I will review this soup on 3 basis- 1) taste - talking about taste , I would prefer making home made one because the fresh homemade soup taste 10 times more than the packet one. And also the packet soup contains a lot of preservatives which one should avoid. And some people like more salty and some like less which I personally feel they should give a different packet of salt in it. 2) values for money - talking about the money I think ₹55 is worth it because it's instant soup and serves four. But if you can make homemade one I would prefer that more. It's wortg trying but not on regular basis.

06 November, 2020

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Ching's Secret

Schezwan Chutney Glass Jar 250 grams

I personally really like chings Schezwan sauce . I like the spiceness very much because it's very accurate . Neither too spicy nor less spicy. And the best part is you can eat it with anything whether it's Maggi , pasta , paratha, macroni, sandwitches it gives a very nice flavour to the dishes. Taste - it's a bit tangy and spicy.

09 November, 2020

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Nacho Cheese Flavour Pack 150 grams

Value for money - I think the quantity does not justify the value for money . Because very less of the nacho are there in the packet. Taste - I like the taste of these nachos because it's a bit on sweeter and tangy side. And the aroma of the cheese makes it more tempting.

09 November, 2020

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Dairy Milk Roast Almond Pack 36 grams

I love almond dairy milk personally because it give a very crunch taste . Though the dairy milk is now being a very disappointment because there quality and quantity is degrading and prices is increasing.

09 November, 2020

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Cocoa, Natural Unsweetened Plastic Jar 225 grams

It's very popular for its brand but I personally don't like it taht much . It doesn't taste good and it's very light usually cocoa powder is dark in color but this one is not. Prices are very hight but the quality and quantity is not that good as its hyped by people.

09 November, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Mangalorean Ghee Roast Pouch 140 grams

I'll review the product on these basis 1) taste - I was like a acchari flavour but only the drawback which was ruining the whole taste was that it was very spicy . When I took a bite it was burning inside my body , though my spicy tolerance is medium. 2) packaging - it was okay okay! 3) recommendation - it's easy to cook , it's not time consuming so if you like very spicy food you can have it.

26 January, 2021