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27 August, 2019

Mrunalini Agarkhed

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passionate cook,foodie ,content writer,review writer,lecturer ,blogger,believer in multitasking, fitness freak ,want to promote cultural cuisine,.a pure vegetarian. keen in learning culinary skills. likes homemade stuff. shopping freak, choosy,particular about detailing. participated in many cooking contests,won many prizes, want to try different tastes,enjoys,south indian,maharastrian,and north indian food. which is fresh,vegetarian and made in hygienic standards. Believes in Ayurveda, organic food,naturopathy . A never ending passion for food,health and tradition. Deep rooted with traditional values and ethical practices.









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Grocery Farm

Supreme Phool Makhana Pack 300 grams

It's supreme makhana , of good quality , which is crispy and tastes fresh. Comes in good packing . It's easy to use and doesn't require much roasting. Price is reasonable and I recommend it every one.

23 July, 2020

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Pure Ghee Pouch 500 millilitre

I never ever liked any other brand of desi ghee other than Nandini Ghee. It's just like the ghee which I make out of Nandini milk . Yes I do prepare desi ghee at home ,but I also buy Nandini Ghee from my grocer. It's excellent texture,aroma , colour is so perfect ,that I remain dumb to other brands of cow ghee. It's mild yellow colour suggest that it's cow ghee. Buffalo ghee is white in colour , many brands ghee are mere dalda, which is very hazardous to health. All the traditional sweets I make are from Nandini Ghee.I use this ghee to pooja also ,to lit the ghee lamps. The residual of such ghee diyas is good for health ,says my mother. It tastes best with hot rice and Methi powder. Price is high but worth it ,and less when compared to other brands which give adulterated stuff,worth noting. The famous Tirupati prasadan laddus are made from Nandini Ghee . I strongly recommend all of you to buy Nandini Ghee and feel the bliss of relishing it. Packaging though simple it serves the purpose.

29 July, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Mylapore Vathal Kozhambu Pouch 150 grams

The packaging is good enough and interesting. Directions to use are clear , but the ingredients given shows curd in it...and in the product there is no trace of curd. It's very sour, needs good amount of jaggery to be added. But it's not mentioned in the direction. I was very curious to try the product when I received the sample . It was totally new for me although iam a South Indian.The colour of the product is not that good. So I made some corrections ,by adding some fried onions , jaggery , coriander and coconut. Then it tasted little better. Lot of improvements is needed. Otherwise its worth buying once. No preservatives is a false claim. Not worth of paying such a big price. Not recommended from my side.

17 October, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Punjabi Aloo Launji Pouch 120 grams

Packaging is good. Other details on package is also good. The garlic and preservative aroma is prominent. We are pure vegetarian and we felt as if we are cooking non veg food. But surprisingly my 10 year old son liked it . He likes Punjabi delicacies. The gravy becomes thick so needs more water than mentioned. I couldn't make our the distinctive feature of aloo laungi than other gravy subzi . May be because I have south Indian taste . I felt it tasted good with chapati and roti than puri as suggested on the pack. Because my son liked it I will buy few more times and try to do experiment with it. Will add paneer ,peas and aloo, mixed veg with nan and kulcha. Improvement is needed on colour and texture. Little less garlic would do good for me. If we add more water it looses it's taste otherwise quantity becomes thick. Occasionally we can buy and alter a bit .

17 October, 2020

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Chocos Moons & Stars Box 350 grams

Kellogg's products are yummy partner on my break fast table. From musli to chocos all are on popular demand. Chocos work as prize for my kid. For every good obey he gets a bowl of chocos. It ended my worry of junk snack.My son never asks for chips after he is introduced to chocos. The prominent chocolate flavour nod the major attraction to children. Shapes are added one. When poured in milk ,the star ,hear ,moon flakes float gives a awesome shiny scene. Even I feel like grabbing the bowl. It's slightly sweetish, crunchy , delicious, healthy breakfast option. He enjoys munching it while watching TV. A big relief for me to cater is frequent hunger attacks especially in such lockdown period. Outer package is attractive but when transferred to the jar it's crunchiness is little reduced. Needs freshness lock packaging . After opening the package ,the shelf life has to be maintained. Sometimes I have noticed worms very soon. totally the product is good and worth the price and so I recommend it to all the mom's out there...

17 October, 2020

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Pure & Hygienic Sugar Pack 1 kilogram

Every time I saw Madhur sugar ,I dropped the idea of buying it. I don't know why ? May be I thought it's expensive. But last week I asked my grocer ,what's the price difference between Madhur and loose sugar and he said just 7 rupees. Then it was negligible and I just bought it. To my surprise it's a very good product ,the sugar crystals are big enough , very sweet so istead of using 2 spoons of sugar I can just add one spoon. No chemicals are used ,more natural and more hygienic product claims are true , this can be experienced by using it. Packaging is also good. Just worth buying it.

17 October, 2020