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27 August, 2019

Mrunalini Agarkhed

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passionate cook,foodie ,content writer,review writer,lecturer ,blogger,believer in multitasking, fitness freak ,want to promote cultural cuisine,.a pure vegetarian. keen in learning culinary skills. likes homemade stuff. shopping freak, choosy,particular about detailing. participated in many cooking contests,won many prizes, want to try different tastes,enjoys,south indian,maharastrian,and north indian food. which is fresh,vegetarian and made in hygienic standards. Believes in Ayurveda, organic food,naturopathy . A never ending passion for food,health and tradition. Deep rooted with traditional values and ethical practices.









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Garam Masala Box 100 grams

MDH garam masala is perfect blend of spices which gives hand pounded taste and aroma that's catchy . We can feel the freshness of spices that is pure and genuine ,the texture of masala is perfect , neither too rough nor too fine ,which immediately blends into gravy without leaving any lumps. The colour of the masala is so rich brown ,that the gravy or curry turns out to be as good as it should be ,unlike other brands where you don't get required colour to your dish . Packaging is good with needed information but still more advanced techniques of packaging to lock the freshness and aroma has to be introduced. I feel MDH has to introduce sachets of ₹10 so that customers can go for trial .

05 September, 2019

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Bandhani Hing Box 150 grams

Hing is the most important ingredient in Brahmins cusine , we use it abundantly in each and every dishes on daily basis. Out of several brands available in market , Patanjali Hing is my recent discovery and I am proud of my choice. I am just impressed by its genuineness and unadulterated stuff . Many brands mix aata in hing which is a sheer waste. Neither it gives aroma nor taste. As we don't use garlic much so we can easily make out the aroma of perfect hing in any no brands can deceive us. So now iam happy and contended by using Pantanjali Bandini Hing. And recommend all the great cooks with great sense of taste like me to use Patanjali Hing without fail. Packaging needs to be improved .

05 September, 2019

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Mixed Fruit Jam Glass Jar 200 grams

Kissan jam is one of the most popular brand throughout India, we can never think of any other brands when jams are concerned. The rich taste ,fruits flavour,and the texture is tremendous. My son and me can easily finish off the whole bottle Of Kisan jam with chapati and bread.packing is also good. The quality of the glass jar is good and reusable. The only thing iam worried is that of preservatives band colour used in making of the jam. It should not harm the health of the users. Some natural colour and natural preservatives should be used which are harmless. The availablity is world wide and we get even rupee one sachet . Kids and even todllers love eating this. I always carried in times of tour and travel as it was safe for bread and chapati instead of spicy sabzies for my toddler

03 October, 2019

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Soan Papdi Pack 250 grams

Since 20 years we are relishing Haldiram's soan papdi ,then it was the only brand available in the market now there are many number of brands in the market. But the taste of Haldiram's soan papdi is unmatchable, we have tried all the new brands and new flavours but no product gave us what we expected. May be we are addicted to the taste of Haldiram's soan papdi. The traditional flavour of elaichi is the best. I got a surprise Rakhi gift of 1kg soan papadi of Haldiram's from my bro.which was the most delicious gift ever. Other brands soan papadi turns out hard within a day or two after opening the pack . But not in Haldiram's .My advice is to bring a Desi ghee version of soan papdi , instead of using vansapati why don't you Desi ghee as the ingredient. Health conscious customers will buy the Desi ghee version . Packaging is good ,prices and availability is also good . But in South India we don't get fresh stock of soan papadi . Shelfs are stocked with old ones . Which are less fresh nearing to expiry . Soan papadi is rich in protein as it is made of besan and ghee so this is the best Diwali and Dasara sweets packs for distributing among family and friends.It is Pocket friendly , gives authentic taste, assures zero adulteration, comes in pretty packaging and loved by all age group.

04 October, 2019

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Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

Anytime anywhere,Amul Masti spiced butter milk is so soothing and cool that gives a true taste of India. Be it a summer or winter or rainy ,Amul Masti with taste of jeera, coriander and ginger triggers our mood and boosts our energy. As we consume the buttermilk ,we get bits of ginger and jeera which tastes extremely good. The only drawback in this product is it turns out sour especially in summer. Although taste is good but sour butter milk is no no. May be brand has to work on packaging which locks freshness for longer period. The sellers should not sell the old stock and deceive the customers which may degrade the reputation of the company and its brand name. Sometimes I also use this Amul buttermilk to make majjige huli ( kadhi) in case I don't have curd .

04 October, 2019

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Bhel Puri Pack 300 grams

Haldiram's BHEL puri comes in perfect Bombay chowpati style. Sitting at home we can enjoy the authentic chowpati style spicy bhel which is unmatchable. The pack comes in sweet and green chutney with puri and mixture. This wholesome packet can create the wonderful snack within no time. It's best for evening cravings ,on a rainy evenings and best suitable for couch potatoes munching it while watching your favourite cricket match or movie . Anybody from kids to adults can try making it ,just empty the packs mix it and serve with fresh tomatoes and onions , dabbed with fresh chopped coriander adds chatpata swad to the bhel. You can customise it boiled pieces of aloos, to make it Aloo BHEL puri, you can serve with thick curd as dahi puri ,you can dish it with Ragada as ragda puri . It's a mom's best friend to serve as timepass snack for kids who demand snacks in odd time of the day. Making sweet chutney and green chutney at home requires lot of efforts and energy . All this can be minimised by buying Haldiram's Bhel puri. Packaging is excellent and user friendly ,can be carried easily on outings. The only disappointing factor of this product ,is the quantity in the packet is very less when compared to the price . I recommend every one to buy and taste once. Then You will never forget to grab one on your every next shopping .

05 October, 2019

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Orange Pack 500 grams

Tang orange is my all time favourite drink...I don't say let's have juice but we say 'let's have Tang' ! It has become another name of juice. Tang orange is no less than natural orange juice. It gives you pakka perfect flavour with lots of vitamins which instantly boost your energy . It's best for summer , welcome drink for parties, can be served instantly to guests at home. Making is easy , no storing hassels , can add sugar according to your taste. We can have it sugarless also. Packaging is good, but it's better if transferred in airtight containers. Always use dry spoon to avoid solidifying. I carry it in long-distance traveling. It's soothing citric aroma freshnup your mood and cheer up your mind. It comes in sachets also. It's user-friendly and pocket friendly. Knowing the I'll effects of aireted drinks ,i have switched to Tang the best product which is more natural and less artificial.

16 October, 2019

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Nestle EveryDay

Dairy Whitener Pack 400 grams

Everyday Milk powder is not only use to make instant milk but i use it in many dishes. Most frequently i use this milk powder in making cake. I make biscuit cake using milk powder .It makes it rich and more spongy. I use it in making Gulab jamoon. Jamoon dough becomes soft and jamoon balls can be made without cracks . Everyday Whitner can be used to make badam powder ,it adds taste and thickness to drink, can be used in milk shakes and custurds. One product many uses. Packaging is good and available in sachets ,it makes the measurement easy during preparation of cake. Pricing is reasonable and readily available with every retailer. I recommend Everyday Dairy Whitner in every smart kitchen .

17 October, 2019

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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

Safal peas is ond of the only frozen food that i have attempted so far. Being a health conscious mother i don't go for any frozen food but Safal peas is inavitably in my deep freezer . I usually use it for making paw bhaji. It can be used as we use it for making as ny dish where fresh peas is used. No hassels of deseeding fresh ,peas ,sabes time and energy . Can get good quality peas with good kind of packaging. But price is little high. As soon it is taken out from the freezer had to be soaked in luke warm water to make them ready to use.its now available with vegetable vendor also. But in small town usage of Safal peas is less. Fresh peas are usually seasonal, smart home makers store fresh peas in freezers .In that case Safal peas may seem little expensive . Packaging can still be improved .It can be introduced in boxes which can fit properly in deep freezer. So that it can be reused .

20 October, 2019

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Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

Amul is one of the trusted brand in Indian market. From ice creams to variety of milk and milk products, Amul is the best and popular choice of mine. It is perfect for Indian cuisine.Its healthy and chemical free. Now a days it's hard to know the adulteration rackets on TV and social media. It's really scary to know that butter is mix of chemicals and inedible stuff like wall putty. Then why take risk of trying cheap brand and local stuff ,when we are getting such a good quality and certified products which has good reputation since years. Amul brand is one among the trusted brand. Amul butter can be used for bread , sandwich, parathas and what not. I make Desi ghee out of the unsalted Amul butter. The ghee turns out into perfect grainy texture. It's aroma is excellent . The sweets made out of this ghee turns out to be classic one. Finally I say no second thought , no glaring at other brands just buy Amul butter the only trusted brand for all the milk and milk products requirements.

21 October, 2019